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Chinese Women Say AI Boyfriends Are “Better Than a Real Man”

In China, a trend is emerging where young women are turning to AI chatbots for romance and companionship, sometimes finding them to be better conversationalists than human partners. These AI boyfriends, customized through various chatbot apps like “Glow” by the Shanghai startup MiniMax, are providing emotional support and understanding to users like Tufei from Xi’an. […]

Russian and North Korean hackers used OpenAI tools to hone cyberattacks

Microsoft and OpenAI have revealed that state-backed hacking groups associated with China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran are utilizing OpenAI’s generative AI (GAI) tools to enhance cyberattacks. These groups are employing the GAI technology for code debugging, researching targets, creating social engineering methods, crafting phishing emails, and text translation.   OpenAI, whose technology powers Microsoft’s […]

Pentagon now considers China’s 3D NAND maker YMTC a ‘military company’ — designation bars company from using US-designed chipmaking equipment

The Pentagon has designated several Chinese technology firms, including Yangtze Memory Technologies Corp. (YMTC), as ‘military companies’ due to national security risks, leading to a ban on the U.S. military from purchasing devices featuring their chips and restricting these companies from buying advanced chipmaking equipment based on U.S. intellectual property. SMIC Hong Kong International Co. […]

China’s top AI accelerator and CPU makers are bleeding tens of millions — Longsoon and Cambricon losses continue despite billions in government subsidies

Chip designers in China, particularly Loongson and Cambricon Technologies, are facing significant financial challenges in 2023. Loongson, a leading CPU developer, is projected to experience a 31% year-over-year decrease in revenue and an expected loss of ¥310 million, attributed to a sluggish market for industrial chips and high research and development expenses. Similarly, Cambricon Technologies, […]

China forms Fusion Energy Inc national company to build ‘artificial sun’

China has established a new state-owned company, China Fusion Energy Inc, to centralize the country’s nuclear fusion research and development efforts and address key challenges in the field.   The company aims to leverage national resources and industry input to develop a high-quality energy industry and has formed a collaborative innovation consortium comprising 25 entities, […]

Despite sanctions, Chinese military, universities, and government bodies procure Nvidia GPUs.

According to the Reuters report, Chinese military institutions, state-run AI research centers, and universities have been acquiring Nvidia’s AI and HPC GPUs, including the A100 and H100, despite U.S. export curbs.   The U.S. imposed bans on the exports of Nvidia’s A100 and H100 chips to China and Hong Kong, which led Nvidia to design […]

Nvidia’s RTX 4090 returns to China 11% slower than before

Nvidia has launched a modified version of its GeForce RTX 4090 GPU in China to comply with US export restrictions, featuring a 10.94% decrease in performance compared to the original model.   The modified RTX 4090D has reduced core count and tensor core count, along with other specifications remaining mostly unchanged, such as peak clock […]

Four Chinese generative AI models pass official assessment

The first group of four large generative artificial intelligence (AI) models in China have passed the official “Large Model Standard Compliance Assessment,” enabling faster and more regulated development of the AI generated content (AIGC) industry in the country. The assessment was conducted by the China Electronics Standardization Institute under the Ministry of Industry and Information […]

US Gov in talks with Nvidia over AI chip exports to China

The US government, led by the Biden administration, is closely monitoring the sale of Nvidia’s accelerators to China, specifically focusing on restricting the shipment of the most advanced AI chips that could be used for military applications. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo has emphasized the importance of Nvidia complying with export restrictions and selling GPUs for […]

US regulator threatens Nvidia’s Chinese chips

The article discusses the intense regulatory issues that Nvidia, a major chipmaker, is facing due to its attempts to gain market share in China. The company has been producing high-powered chips that have been specifically forbidden for export to China due to concerns over their potential use in AI applications that could pose a threat […]

Inside U.S. Efforts to Untangle an A.I. Giant’s Ties to China

The United Arab Emirates’ national security adviser, Sheikh Tahnoon bin Zayed, visited the White House and raised concerns about G42, an AI firm controlled by the sheikh that American officials believe is hiding the extent of its work with China. G42 has publicly announced partnerships and impressive growth, but classified intelligence reports indicate concerning ties […]

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